Honestly, the class is not very challenging. We’re covering basic-basics and had very limited “improvement” oriented feedback on our first assignment readings. I know it’s a first reading and we’re all beginners, but I dunno if anyone’s going to improve very fast until people start to suggest things to work on, things to consider changing. We’re a little too polite, too supportive.

Anyway, assignment two is characterization. My job; to write about a person who has the characteristics of … a tire. Nice challenge at least. My personal approach will probably be to be somewhat obtuse, maybe a little cute, and to give sufficient clues as to make it not too difficult to guess what my inanimate object is even though I’m not planning to mention it.

So, let’s look at some characteristics of tires.

  • round, from the side view
  • flat or rounded rectangular shaped from the front/bank perspective
  • symmetrical
  • rolls well (once moving, continues moving easily?)
  • support/carry the vehicle (like pallbearers)
  • soft rubber, with hard metal core
  • – circle filled with circles
  • rubber inflated with air
  • vulnerable to nails/screws
  • vulnerable to over or under inflation
  • can rotate/spin rapidly

And potential associations with things like:

  • cars, trucks
  • Michelin; either Bib or with the restaurant review that they are known for
  • Goodyear and their blimp

Play on words, like:

  • re-tired
  • Tired, as in exhausted, needing sleep
  • Tired, as in bored or had enough
  • Wheel, as in “wheeled around”
  • wheel, as in square dance? (I dunno why square dance groups are often called “wheels”. Or maybe the question should be why a square dance when they dance in circles?)

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