If you’re on Twitter you know how this works. The “#” indicates a theme that people quote if they want to participate in the discussion.

In this case a literary agent, going by the username of @SlushPileHell started a contest. To enter the contest, you tweet a title using the #badkiddybooks tag. To vote, you re-tweet someone’s entry.

I went there, thinking of entering, but the ones that I read there were just too good and instead I spent my time reading, laughing, and voting. I don’t even know what the prize was.

I asked SlushPileHell if it was okay with him if I posted my own list of favs, so here they are:

  • gr3b0: “‘Do Babies Bounce?’ and other science experiments for
    older siblings
  • weirdlucy: Hitchhiking, a Guide for Girls Daddy Never Loved
  • GeneDoucette: Rachel Has Seven Mommies: A Childrens Guide to
    the Book of Mormon
  • LisaLOwens: “Santa Is Watching” and Other Lies Your Parents
    Told You
  • alc417 Anorexia: How to Avoid Being the Girl With the Good
  • SesshasWorld: The Hunt for Harriet’s Hymen
  • SesshasWorld:  Your Ass – The Final Frontier
  • hmmille: Everybody poops: now with photos
  • AngieLedbetter:  Encyclopedia Brown: The Case of Strange Noises from Your Parents’ Room
  • tedopon: Bi Curious George
  • Calbion: Charlotte’s Bed
  • tedopon: The Scat in the Hat
  • taojoannes or: One Fish Two Fish, Black Fish Jew Fish
  • midos_mom : The Velveteen-Corsetted Rabbit and Her Leather Whip
  • lkblackburne: The Very Hungry Flesh Eating Bacteria
  • Buddhapuss: Dick and Jane Discover Coke, A Scratch and Sniff
  • darrenpardee: Hop On Pop (Mommy’s Version)
  • timdonnelly: Green Eggs and Botulism
  • Scionical: Green Eggs and Ecstasy
  • AVgrl: Ashley Has Two Daddies. And They’re Both Going to Burn in

And my personal (twisted) fav:

  • ianthealy: Willy Wanker and the Chocolate Highway

As of right now, I don’t know if the winner has been chosen or indicated, but I think all the readers were winners!

Update: He’s putting a list of top 25 on his own site later.

Update again: Official winner:

  • MJsRetweet: Daddy Has an Itch. Mommy Smells Like Fish: A Child’s Rhyming Guide to STD’s

3 thoughts on “#badkiddybooks

    1. I saw a lot of yours and liked them too. I could have picked up the retweet, but I thought that I was careful not to catch the retweeter rather than the tweeter …

      And the Seven Mommies one was in my personal top five too.

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