Well, it’s done. I only hit just over 45,000 words, but it’s done. I’ve hit the story targets; the characters had their representative scenes, the plot had its required scenes, the story is told.

There’s still 5 days left so the plan is to do some rewriting and editing and keep both the new and old versions as part of the word count. Other people have suggested writing additional scenes to fill out characters, add characters, kill characters, but that only applies when you are writing for the sake of writing. I’m writing for the sake of producing the novel that I had pictured.

It’s possible, even likely, that there are large sections of text missing. The problem is that I don’t want to add crap and spoil what I already have. These potential large sections, I think, are going to require some distance before I can see where they’re needed. Right now all that I can see are a few small spots that could use some fill, and I need distance to see any sizable plot revisions.

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