I’ve been writing for a while, in various forms, on various topics, under various names. With blogs under many of those names.

In 2008 a housemate told us about NaNoWriMo, and three others of us decided to give it a try as well. I joined up 2 days before it started and spent portions of those days preparing; defining characters, defining their relationship to each other, sketching event ideas.

By November 27 or 28 I was done; just over 50,000 words of my first novel. It started as a novel with no target audience but genre-wise it ended up being a romance. I cleaned it up a bit and sent it off to a professional (non-fiction) writer friend of mine for her thoughts. She liked it and her husband who writes screenplays liked what he read of it. I’ve been sitting on it ever since because there are still ¬†elements that I’m not happy with.

But I’ve continued to write fiction; romance, erotica, ‘contemporary adult’ and ‘literary’ (whatever those are), as well as forays into science fiction, mystery and horror. I used a private blog on WordPress to write and to collect material until I devised a name, Intermittent Rain, to use to represent my writing.

So now that I have a name, I can go public with blogging and with writing. I suspect that as much as anything the public portions of this blog will be posts about the act of writing including my own theories, and criticism and analysis of writing that I have already done.

Header photo from the library in Quebec City

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