My Recent Reads

So, with the help of my library’s on-line search and my cell phone’s list of downloads I think I’ve managed to collect a list of all the books I’ve read or listened to on the phone during the past fifteen months. In order of author: 1 The Big Sleep – Farewell, My Love… Chandler, Raymond 2 The Antagonist Coady, Lynn 3 Open City – A Novel Cole, Teju 4 The […]

Writing review: The Writing Circle

I’ve read a lot of novels in the past fifteen months, since discovering Aldiko and the resources of my local public library. Not that I didn’t read prior to this period, but with my smartphone and ebooks I’m now able to read not only in bed, but in the bus, in the bathroom, in dentist’s waiting room, pretty much any time I’m alone or want to be. I’d estimate I’ve […]