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Moving! Come see me at: Everything after the summer of 2022 will be posted there. The new site will include all material from this location as well as restored material on other subjects. In other words, more stuff under one roof!

Cheating Writer’s Block

Some claim writer’s block doesn’t exist. If you go all Zen it doesn’t exist but then neither does the writing. I am a pantser so I have no outline or plot when I start. I also write mostly short forms and have way too many fragments that have solid potential in voice or character or situation but are stuck because I can’t see where they are going. When I’m stuck, […]

Dangerous Writing App

Here’s a unique site I keep in my writing bookmarks. If you don’t keep typing it will erase what you’ve done. If you hesitate, the font turns reddish-brown and fuzzy but it returns to normal if you begin typing again. If you don’t start typing as it is becoming fuzzier, a popup blocks you from adding any more words. But, don’t worry; even after the popup there is still […]